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Romeo Y Julieta Petit Churchill

Review Date Sourced From Cigar Shape Filler Wrapper Cigar Size Strength Pairings Rating
2013-06-14Metro Cigar TorontoPetit RobustoVuelta Abajo zone in Pinar del Río, Cuba4 x 508.5

I've never tried a cigar like this before. Taking the first few draws I tasted the bold rich flavors of a Cuban churchill sized cigar, I then looked down at the cigar in my hand and it was a mini version. I have smoked many a Romeo Y Julieta over the years and have always remembered it as a smooth smoke but the flavor here were so extraordinary. The wrapper was soft and the taste transitioned to a nice creamy coffee flavor.

Living quite a distance from downtown Toronto these days I have been coming down over the weekend to pickup my fix and it has been a bit rushed. This time I came during the week right after work by driving to the subway station and riding underground the rest of the way. Although it was rainy I was much more relaxed and was able to try this gem of a cigar that Besher recommended.

This cigar would be great to stock up on for when you are in the mood for a quick 30 minute smoke either when your strapped for time or if it's the middle of the winter and you don't want to stand outside for 2 hours.