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Gran Habano No. 5 Corojo Gran Robusto

Review Date Sourced From Cigar Shape Filler Wrapper Cigar Size Strength Pairings Rating
2013-06-23Metro Cigar TorontoToroCosta Rica, NicaraguaNicaragua6.0 x 54MildVirgil's Cream Soda / Camino fair trade organic Dark Chocolate (from Whole Foods)9.5

I was looking forward to kicking back with another Gran Habano, so far it has been my go to cigar. The wrapper had a milk chocolate color with the top slightly darker than the bottom. Nice texture with some great vainage. Very nice double band with a primary gold, red, white and green embossed band and a secondary red and gold band.

Sniffing it I got a very strong earthy smell and tasting it I got a strong black pepper spice. This was interesting to me as after toasting the foot and pulling in the first few puffs I got a more neutral white pepper taste.

As with all Gran Habanos I smoked the smooth draw and plumes of smoke were immediate. I tasted hints of coffee and coco. I did a bit of a hack job when lighting so the burn started to canoe on me. However, with most great cigars this did not get in the way of the flavor or did not cause it to burn out. I gave it some touch ups with the lighter and it corrected itself for the most part.

Typically I like to pace my smoke but with the easy draw, velvety texture and swirly smoke I pulled on this one constantly sitting on my porch. As I transitioned through it I noticed hints of Cinnamon and nutmeg with a glorious white ash that held on for much of the duration of the smoke. It was so great I smoked it right down to the nub and accidentally burned my thumb when multitasking between my music player, camera phone and cigar.

Well, there it is, another great cigar in the history books with a rating of 9.5. Thanks for reading my review!