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Punch Imported

Review Date Sourced From Cigar Shape Filler Wrapper Cigar Size Strength Pairings Rating
2013-08-17Local Variety StoreHonduras, Nicaragua and other countriesHonduras, Nicaragua and other countries1.0

I smoked this cigar on a day where I ran out of cigars and I was craving one while reading in my yard. I should have learned my lesson and stuck to my #1 rule, if you can't get a quality cigar don't even attempt to smoke a lower quality one as it ruins the experience.

I've had Punch cigars in the past and feel they have some quality smokes which I have enjoyed. However, this particular cigar seems to have been made for the non premium market as the tobacco's are listed as not only Honduras and Nicaragua (which provide tobacco for great cigars) but also "other countries", that tells me they fill this cigar with leftovers for smokers who just don't know the difference.

As soon as I lit this up I got hot peppery, bitter tastes which I expected would transition soon into the first third. However, it only got worse as this cigar was bitter and hot throughout and tasted like a cigarette. The prevailing taste was a dryness which left you feeling like you just licked an ashtray. Never again will I have this cigar. Not only will I rate it a 1 but will give it the MyFirstCigar designation of "donate to science" where someone can one day figure out how they made this cigar and more importantly why?