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Review Date Sourced From Cigar Shape Filler Wrapper Cigar Size Strength Pairings Rating
2013-08-17Distributor - Kretek International - Diana BritoBoldIce Coffee6.0

While visiting my favorite tobacconist a couple of weeks back I ran into a distributor who gave me this cigar to try and let her know how I liked it. Thanks to Diana for giving me the opportunity to rate this stick. It was interesting for me to try as I have never heard of this stick and have never seen it online anywhere either.

The construction was very good as it was nice and tight but not tight enough where it would affect the draw. A nice dark wrapper with veins giving it texture. Sniffing this stick I got scents of black pepper and barnyard and the first few puffs also tasted like black pepper with some leather. Nice draw with good plumes of smoke and grey ash.

Not long after into the first third it transitioned to a mild dry taste. This one didn't have too much flavor to it as it's not a high end cigar but for a lower price point it could be a great morning smoke with coffee or in the evening with a strong tasting drink.

I wasn't able to finish it down to the nub as the end was burning really hot with what tasted like high nicotine content.

Again, not a bad smoke if the price point is right and paired correctly. Also, I will try to get the origin of the tobacco from Dianna and add details to this post.