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Gran Habano No.1 Connecticut Rothschild

Review Date Sourced From Cigar Shape Filler Wrapper Cigar Size Strength Pairings Rating
2013-06-18Metro Cigar TorontoRobustoNicaraguaConnecticut, United States4.5 x 50Mild8.5

Please note that I'm changing my style a bit and broke up my review with images in between so please scroll all the way down to get the full review.

Usually I only smoke on the weekends but today being a rough day at work I went directly to my humidor when I got home and pulled out this short cigar. I then picked up the latest version of Cigar Aficionado, my tools and headed out to the back yard.

Today I decided to use my punch on this one and it was a good call. After lighting the foot I pulled in a creamy mouth full of grey smoke, exhaled and let me cares float away. I noticed many of the same traits from other Gran Habanos I smoked. The draw was smooth and easy, not too much spice and the cigar was silky between my fingers.

I finally got my humidor to a nice consistency and it was paying off. Complaining about my humidor's inconsistent humidity levels to my tobacconist (Besher at Metro Cigar) he recommended I try the Ciguardian Chaperone Humidifier which is a puck with crystals that you refill with the Ciguardian solution that turns into gel and keeps the humidifier at a consistent level. I have been refilling it once a week and it works like a charm.

I really liked the Connecticut wrapper on this cigar as it gave the smoke a distinctive sweet taste that I could not place. The construction was perfect with texture by design. For a small cigar it had nice large plums of white smoke which I like very much.

During my smoke I caught up on some of the Cigar Aficianado articles and was reading the last issues cover story on Laurence Fishburne. Interestingly enough I found that his latest T.V. series and my favorite show Hannibal was being shot down the road from me near Toronto. In the article he mentioned that he likes "any kind of maduro. I like a dark, rich, sweet, mature cigar. I can't rattle off the names of brands I like. I do like that in Toronto I can get Cubans without having to go through 'channels'". I wondered which smoke shop he frequented but then thought he probably had someone pick up his cigars for him. I remember during the cigar boom of the 90's my buddy who worked at a downtown cigar shop showed me a permanently rented wall humidor belonging to and signed by Bill Cosby. That was cool.

Anyway, this cigar was a great quick smoke and I would give it a 8.5. I hope you enjoyed the review!