Crowned Heads Le Careme [1st Pass]
Review Video:

Smoked: 2020-02-22
Category: Average Priced
Vitola: Robusto
Filler: Ecuador-Nicaragua
Binder: Ecuador-Nicaragua
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Length/Gauge: 5.0 x 50
Rating: 7.10

21 Days in my humidor and picked up from my local B&M.

First 3rd:
Pre-light aroma of hey and barnyard.

Got pepper off the initial light which eventually got smoother toward the end of this 3rd with some char.

Second 3rd:
Had a piece of chocolate to counter the constant char and bitterness. Beyond that this is a milder smoke.

Final 3rd:
Certainly not a creamy smoke. Still got char and pepper the whole way through.


Wrapper started to unravel a bit half way through but didn't cause any issues.