Caldwell KC Black Toro
Review Video:

Smoked: 2020-05-20
Category: Unaccessable to Me
Vitola: Toro
Filler: Corojo, habano and C98 all Dominican
Binder: Sumatra Ecuador
Wrapper: Arapiraca clara
Length/Gauge: 6.0 x 50
Rating: 7.08

First 3rd:
Nice long chocolatey finish with deep nutty flavors.

Second 3rd:
Transitioned to a peppery char taste with jalepeno on the lips.

Final 3rd:
Not a lot of changes, just a lot of pepper and char, not for me. I ended up putting this one down, no nubbing here.


The draw was a bit tight and the burn was really uneven in the 1st 3rd.