H Upmann Magnum 50 - 2015
Review Video:

Smoked: 2020-05-30
Category: High End
Filler: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Wrapper: Cuba
Strength: Mild to Medium
Pairings: Water
Rating: 8.64

First 3rd:
Started with very nice warm flavors with a floral note. It had a nice pleasant long finish of cashew creaminess.

Second 3rd:
Got a bit of char after touching it up. Still it transitioned to a fascinating flavor I couldnt place.

Final 3rd:
The char increased in the final 3rd verging on bitterness, a piece of chocolate did the trick.


Tight draw all the way through, likely from the high RH at the head. Had to touch it up halfway through to avoid it going out. In the final 3rd the draw opened up completely.