Plasencia Cigars Blanco 9

Smoked: 2019-08-01
From: Cigar Chief [Online]
Vitola: Double Corona
Filler: Ligero [Nicaraguan]
Wrapper: Corojo [Nicaraguan]
Length/Gauge: 7.0 x 52
Strength: Full
Rating: 8.76


The first 3rd was spicy at light up through the mouth but quickly settled down. It was firm and tightly packed and had a leathery taste with deep rich flavors with the ligero reminding me it was still there. It then started to develop a chocolaty finish.

The second 3rd was all about the chocolatey finish. Although I could feel the strength it wasn't too bad and it was pretty enjoyable and flavorful. The head on this cigar is interesting, like a marble kind of feel.

The final 3rd I started thinking that the strength and flavor of this cigar would make it great for aging. The strength started to settle down and it got nice and smooth.

It has a beautifully ornate band with lots of detail.

Had to touch it up in the first 3rd and the second 3rd to keep it going likely due to the ligero. The ash was pretty messy, did not hold on well.